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Set-up of companies and businesses in North Macedonia

North Macedonia is ranked "Top 10" in Ease of Doing Business Index by World Bank. It is the gateway to the Balkan and Eastern European countries. With its quick and simple registration process, it serves as a regional hub for manufacturing and trading firms.

Set-up of Free-zone companies in North Macedonia

As one of the few European countries with well established legislation for Free Zones , modern infrastructure, and highly educated & skilled task-force, many international companies opt to set-up or transfer their manufacturing base to North Macedonia.

Set-up of Joint Ventures (JV) and Partnerships in North Macedonia

With business confidence & transparency at all-time high, incorporating EU Chapters, North Macedonia is one of the fastest growing economies in Europe. With opportunities abound in both government and private sector, investors are well positioned to gain from this momentum through partnerships and joint ventures.

Investment in Commercial and Residential Property

A rapidly growing economy with a young demographic, there are unique opportunities in investment and development within the real estate sector. Having identified these exclusive projects, we are here to support you.

Citizenship Investment Program and other immigration matters

One of the most beautiful countries in Europe is now accepting applications from selective prominent investors for its newly amended Citizenship Investment Program, for a limited time.

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