Brief Introduction

Our team, has a combined experience of over 100 Years in Business Consulting and Government Advisory on Economic matters.   The Organization, headquartered in North Macedonia, with liaison offices in Hong Kong and Dubai, has been exclusively appointed to market and promote the Investment Program together with the concerned governmental bodies and appointed law firms.  Jointly, we will oversee and process the applications on behalf of the two designated Funds; in line with the North Macedonia Citizenship Investment Program.

The two approved and authorized funds, regulated by North Macedonia Securities Exchange (SEC), are:


North Macedonia Economic Development

Registered Symbol: MKED

SEC No: RPIF 2225022020NOMAEKDE7385200

Fund Management by: Economic Development dooel Skopje

Fund Management Registration No: 7385200


North Macedonia Industrial Innovation Fund

Registered Symbol: MKII

SEC No: RPIF 2325022020NOMAININ7385404

Fund Management by: Industrial Innovation dooel Skopje

Fund Management Registration No: 7385404


To help with the promotion efforts, we have established collaboration with other reputable international firms and organizations that specialize in wealth management and citizenship. This global network will support in marketing and promotion of the North Macedonia Citizenship Investment Program.  Please click here to find a list of firms that have a collaboration with us.

The Organization supports the government and the two authorized funds to attract foreign direct investment (FDI) into North Macedonia; thereby contributing to the economic growth, diversification, and competitiveness in the interest and benefit of North Macedonia and its citizens. 

It is important to note that, all processing of applications, including due diligence and approvals will be supervised and approved by the North Macedonia governmental agencies, and processed by accredited and appointed professional law firms in North Macedonia. Moreover, all investment contributions are made strictly to the official designated accounts of the two funds in North Macedonia (payments are NEVER made to third parties, or entities and firms outside North Macedonia).

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